About Us




Thank you for stopping by! It means a lot to us. 


Roshanak is the founder of Roshyne, she has a master’s degree in architecture and has always loved design and art. When she started the business, she  focused mainly on creating cute, adorable and unique pieces that you will love having in your home.


Roshyne is a lifestyle brand that focuses on sustainability and limited waste. At Roshyne we are committed to making a difference, and the print on demand model was our answer. 

Let’s see how!


Currently, Overproduction is considered the norm in  the fashion industry. This  means one in every five garments ends up in a landfill, without ever having been worn.

By choosing print-on-demand, you are selecting apparel that's created especially for you when your order is placed, creating less waste than conventional manufacturing.

Made to order

That’s why when you choose a Roshyne Piece, you can be assured it has been created only when your order is placed, to your exact specifications. 


We choose to work with manufacturers who use packing products  made of post-consumer recycled plastics for all orders. 


By purchasing our products you are contributing to a more sustainable and more environmentally friendly business practice.